Wednesday, 2 September 2015

European Woodworking Show 12-13th September

This is the show not to miss, it's been two years since the last one, it seems longer.
There will be all the usual woodworking celebrities and hopefully some great weather, it's overdue!

Plenty of my customers will be coming, some even as far away as Israel and Canada. That's what I like about this show I see lots of new faces every time as well as woodworkers I haven't seen for years.

They'll be plenty of overseas exhibitors, here's the Veritas boys from the last show. Things are never quiet when Vic Tesolin is around.

I've had a number of people asking if I'm going to the Yandles Show this week and the answer is unfortunately no. It's been a hectic year and with just six days between the two shows I decided that was too much to cope with. I'll be back at Yandles in April.

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Wonderful Dovetail Alignment Board!

These pictures were sent by Charlie in Washington of his very fancy dovetail alignment board.
The woods are Peruvian walnut, yellow heart and sapele and apparently it works very well.
I guessed this was the result of using a Leigh dovetail jig but it was cut by hand with the exception of the yellow heart which was cut on the band saw.
You can see the project on Charlie's Blog
There are two more posts on it within his Blog.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Lovely Wooden Camera

A talented customer in the UK made this spalted beech pinhole camera. Not only is it a beautiful thing but it works as well! The picture shown at the bottom was taken with it.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

More Fun With the Shooting Board!

 I decided it was about time prepared the stock for the dovetailing course. Instead of the usual 9 or 10 sets I thought it would a good idea to prep enough for the next three courses!

It seems a shame to throw all these lovely shavings in the bin!
Below are all the carcass parts dimensioned ans shot square and clean. I've stood them on end to allow air circulation overnight, so that if there is any movement it should be even. Tomorrow I will rout the groove for the base as well as prepare the stock for the lid, base and linings.

Here's what we'll be making in the two day course, except it will be in contrasting walnut and sycamore.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Veritas Shooting Board Plane

Before I talk about my new toy, I'm glad to see the 2" screw box featured in yesterdays post has been sold. I hope it's gone to a good home.
Having used Bern's Veritas Shooting board plane on the tool chest course recently I had to get myself one. Like Bern I bought mine from Dieter Schmid in Germany the delivered price was well over £100 less than Axminster Power Tools, shame on them!

I made myself a shooting board from bits of plywood I had knocking around and fitted a fence and side rail made from Ebony which should wear very well. I was going to go to the trouble of making both adjustable but there was enough play in the screws to enable minor movement which should do for a few years. I fitted the runway with the ultra low friction tape I use on my magnetic guides.

I cleaned up over 100 pieces of end grain walnut and beech and the high carbon O1 blade was still taking full shavings. After a while the handle made my hand a bit sore, so I switched to my more usual grip over the top of the blade. This was more comfortable than it may look.

I made the board longer than most I've seen, so I could also use it for the long grain of my box sides. At 27" it can easily take an 18-20" board. I did find the far corner a bit uncomfortable so I cut off the corner, see below. Loosing a few pounds would probably have worked just as well!

I've also made myself a 45 degree shooting board, again after using Bern's on the course. Plans for this are available in Bob Wearing's fine little book.

I went to the trouble of making the fence adjustable on this one, it works very well.
For those of you coming on the Dovetailing course at West Dean College in October I will have the plane and both shooting boards with me and they will get plenty of use!

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Large Antique 2" Screw Box set for Sale, a Bargain!

 Large 2" screw box for sale on the Second Hand Tools, very rare to see them in larger sizes. website an absolute bargain at £58. I would have snapped it up if I didn't already have one.
It seems to be all complete even with it's keeper and looks to have had very little use.
The woodworm can be easily treated/stabilised.
This is a great website to keep an eye on, Jerry regularly gets nice old tools and charges very fair prices.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Sigma Power Water Stones Back in Stock

After an eight month gap I now have a limited number of the  superb Sigma Power stones in stock.
As usual first come first served!

I've also found the time to make another batch of cutting gauges, so I'll have these at the European Woodworking Show in September, a show not to be missed!