Friday, 28 November 2014

Cabinet Makers Squares

The video on my cabinet makers square has just been posted on YouTube.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Sauer and Steiner Hand Planes

I've just posted the latest video showing my wonderful Sauer and Steiner planes in action.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Friday, 21 November 2014

Magnetic Honing Guide on YouTube.

The latest video to be posted is on my Magnetic Honing Guide, a great little aid to free hand sharpening.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Upgrades to my Bench Crafted Moxon Vice on YouTube

Here is a video showing a couple of simple, quick and cheap adaptations which have greatly improved the accuracy and performance of my Bench Crafted Moxon vice

Sunday, 16 November 2014

HNT Gordon Videos on YouTube.

Here are two more videos just uploaded to YouTube on the beautiful and very practical HNT Gordon spokeshaves and planes, some of which I now stock at very keen prices. Nice ones for Christmas!